Isolation Planning and Delivery

Isolation Planning DeliveryWe are experienced in possession and isolation management and by using this experience it helps us to eliminate the potential of possession/Isolation overruns.

From inception from the initial planning stages through to delivering and the implementation of the isolation and worksite services, we ensure that all risks are identified and managed to mitigate all risks. Safety is always our number one driver on all UK Rail managed projects, we provide a 24/7 “on Call” services which is fully facilitated by our senior management team as standard.

Our delivery teams are highly motivated and multi-skilled allowing them to be integrated in to the works team after worksite services have been performed, this “can do” attitude and training significantly reduces the onsite costs without compromising delivery or safety.

Our core resources within this sector are:

  • Safe System Of Work Planners
  • Isolation Planners
  • Possession Planners
  • Nominated Persons -AC/DC
  • Engineering Supervisors
  • Engineering Supervisors-Level A
  • Authorised Persons-AC/DC
  • Controllers Of Site Safety
  • Protection Controllers
  • Machine/Crane Controllers
  • Points Operators
  • Barrier Attendants
  • Possession Support Staff
  • PTS-Labourers

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